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On 31/07/2004 12:55, Brian Roberts wrote:

> It has been suggested that the Hebrews were on their way out of Egypt 
> at the same exact time that the Hyksos were on their way in. I do not 
> recall whose idea this was, or if it's been developed into a theory or 
> not.
> Brian
This is another of David Rohl's ideas, although I'm not sure if it 
originated with him. He identifies the Hyksos with the Amalekites who 
fought with the Israelites in the narrow valley of Rephidim. These 
Amalekites/Hyksos were on their way to Egypt to take advantage of the 
power vacuum following the devastating plagues and the loss of the 
Egyptian army in the "Red Sea". Rohl's Pharaoh of the Exodus was 
Dudimose or Tutimaeus, recorded by Manetho as the one in whose reign the 
Hyksos captured Egypt.

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