[b-hebrew] Moshe

Yigal Levin leviny1 at mail.biu.ac.il
Fri Jul 30 04:45:34 EDT 2004

> The problem with that ID is--what happens to the number in Kings I--where
> states that Solomon's temple was built 480 years after the exodus from
> This "Beya" lived circa 1180 BCE.  Not only that, he was murdered.  By a
> pharaoh.  The inscription reads "Year 5, 3rd month of Shomu, Day 29.  This
day the
> scribe of the tomb, Paser, has come to say 'Pharaoh, lph, has killed the
> great enemy Bey.'"  Pierre Grandet believes the king who did the deed was
> the same boy-king whom Bey/Beya had once manipulated as a puppet.  Indeed,
> Year 4 of Siptah is the last we see of the chancellor in other records.
> Marianne Luban

While I do not think that there is any reason to identify Bey with Moses,
your comment is only a problem if you insist that the 480 is a historical
date, putting the Exodus in the 15th century. We just recently had quite a
long discussion on that topic.


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