[b-hebrew] BLG in Jer. 8:18

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Tue Jul 27 11:00:28 EDT 2004

On 7/27/04 12:30 AM, "Reinier de Blois" <r.de.blois at solcon.nl> wrote:

> HALOT suggests another reading there:
> MIB.:LIY GEHAH "without healing".

Yigal and Reinier,

The reading mbly ght  is suggested by the LXX of Jer. 8:18 which reads

Note the last entry in LEH (1st ed.) for aniatos:

aniatos,-os,-on    A 2-0-3-3-3-11
    Dt 32:24,33; Is 13:9; 14:6; Jer 8:18
    incurable  Dt 32:33; irremediable  Dt 32:24; incurable  (moral sense)
Lam 4:3; hemera ... aniatos day which cannot be averted  Is 13:9;
    *Jb 24:20 aniato (wl rotten  (of wood) for MT (wlh unrighteousness ;
    *Jer 8:18 aniata mbly ght incurable, without cure  for MT blygyty
suffer from desolation ?

Clay Bartholomew 

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