[b-hebrew] Rohl's Chronology Deconstructed

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Tue Jul 27 07:47:04 EDT 2004

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>>> Given the tendancy of Ramesses II for self-glorification, if he had
>>> conquered
>>> Jerusalem, we would have heard about it.  After all, he boasted plenty
>>> about
>>> the Battle of Kadesh--and that was not even a true victory for the
>>> Egyptians but
>>> a kind of "draw"--where neither side really gained much.
>> Do the pharaohs ever defy our expectations?
> History, as we know it from any era, is not about "expectations".  All 
> we
> know about any ruler in ages long past comes from his own recorded 
> deeds or the
> observations of someone else who had something to contribute.  But when 
> there
> is plenty of evidence, a definite picture emerges about the character, 
> aims,
> and proclivities of any given king.

Tendencies, proclivities, character, aims. It sounds terribly nebulous 
and too subject to manipulation over time by those writing the papers. 
After a hundred years of it, you end up with an accepted expectation, 
based on the above. Logic dictates that our knowledge of history is not 
a complete corpus. Therefore we must be careful with how we apply our 
models and profiles.

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