[b-hebrew] Rohl's Chronology Deconstructed

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Mon Jul 26 18:29:52 EDT 2004

On 26/07/2004 22:48, Dave Washburn wrote:

> ...
>>But these "scholars"--and I don't know why you cast doubt on them by
>>putting this word in quotes--don't simply say "Oh that Rohl, he is a
>>boat-rocking trouble-maker" but give reasoned arguments contra him.  I
>I put the word in quotes because I was quoting someone else.  And with the 
>exception of Kitchen, the "boat-rocking trouble-maker" is the most common 
>characterization I have seen out of his critics, and Kitchen is the only one 
>I have seen who truly gives "reasoned arguments."  At this point, I'm still 
>undecided between the two, but IMNSHO they both make good points.
I want to make just one point here, which is that Rohl is not just one 
man working on his own, but is part of a community of scholars working 
on a New Chronology from a variety of different perspectives. Among 
those named in "From Eden to Exile" are Peter van der Veen, working on 
the Iron Age in Israel; Dr John Bimson; Dr Bernard Newgrosh, an expert 
on Mesopotamian history; the astronomers Wayne Mitchell and Dr David 
Lappin who have provided data on eclipses etc. Rohl may be the front 
man, but there is a team who share at least a large part of his 
understanding of the chronology.

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