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>>Sheshonq does not mention 
>>capturing Jerusalem, which is rather surprising if in fact he did sack 
>>this important city as recorded of Shishak.
>But Sheshonq's list doesn't survive in its entirety.

Two answers to this one:

1) True, but enough of it survives to reconstruct the general thrust of 
his campaign. Early in his list he bypasses Judah to the north, taking 
only Aijalon which might have been a Judahite city probably because it 
blocked his approach to the Beth Horon ascent. Later campaigning is all 
much further north. There are not enough gaps in the sequence to allow a 
major campaign in Judah. Of course that doesn't mean that Sheshonq 
didn't campaign there, just that no record of it survives.

2) Nor do Rameses II's boasts. Your arguments from silence is no better 
than mine, even if the silence were true.

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