[b-hebrew] 1450 BCE Exodus ?

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I understand we cannot attest to the complete original meaning of the 
list of Sheshonq I, however, the HB states that King Rehoboam fortified 
14 cities in the hill country west of Jerusalem, and that the Egyptians 
captured these 14 cities. Of those 14 cities, the only one that survives 
on Sheshonq's list is Aijalon.

That leaves Bethlehem unattested in the Shoshenq I campaign record.
And Etam,
And Tekoa,
And Bethzur,
And Hebron,
And Ziph,
And Adoraim,
And Lachish,
And Mareshah,
And Moresheth-Gath,
And Adullam,
And Socoh,
And Azekah,
And Zorah.

Not to mention Jerusalem. It is plausible that we could be missing 1 or 
2 cities from the list. In fact, we  know that three cities' names are 
lost to us. But 14? Including the prize Jerusalem? This approaches 

There are 39 other legible cities listed there. It is clear that the 
focus of the campaign (based on the accident of preservation) was the 
Negev, Israel , southern Galilee and Gilead.

I don't see wisdom in assuming that all those 14 cities were originally 
included in Sheshonq's list.

Best Salaams,

Brian Roberts

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>> Sheshonq does not mention
>> capturing Jerusalem, which is rather surprising if in fact he did sack
>> this important city as recorded of Shishak.
> But Sheshonq's list doesn't survive in its entirety.
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