[b-hebrew] Rohl´s chronology

Michael Banyai Banyai at t-online.de
Mon Jul 26 14:44:00 EDT 2004

Dear Marianne,

I don´t intend to defend Rohl´s chronology, but there are clues that the Egyptians lost even on the peak of their power regularly controll over Palestine/Canaan.

Ramses II is the first pharaoh making refference to Moab, because he apparently, after his miserable hittite performance, had to take an eastern by-pass to reach the lands of Canaan still accepting his suzeranity.

Ramses III had to deal with an alliance of Levantine coast lands trying to draw Amurru the last piece of Egyptian-controlled land on their side. He apparently succeeded. But just the dare of this alliance shows that Egypt was far from being outperforming the military possibilities of the Levante.

Etc, etc.

Best regards,

Bányai Michael

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