[b-hebrew] 'will be established' 1 Sam 24:20 [H 21]

Brian & Laureen Powell PowellBrian at omf.net
Sun Jul 25 21:48:42 EDT 2004

Hi again friends,

I was trying to look up the meaning of the word translated in the NIV as 
'will be established' in I Samuel 24:20 and came across an anomaly.

The word in the Hebrew is W:QFMFH, so I looked up QFMFH in my dictionary 
(TWOT) and it pointed me to QWM as being the root, but none of the 
definitions in that article seemed to refer to 'being established'. So, 
I looked up 'established' in my NIV concordance, and it says the Hebrew 
word in this verse is KWN.
How did they get from QFMFH to KWN?

Does QFMFH, meaning 'standing grain', metaphorically mean to be 
established? The context of the word implies some such meaning.



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