[b-hebrew] Detained before the LORD 1 Sam 21: 7/8

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My initial reaction is that this does not refer to a physical restraint, as in imprisonment, rather it is one of duty or worship. The Bible leaves us with tantilizingly few details.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> Greetings all.
> In this verse (7 in English, 8 in Hebrew), Doeg the Edomite was said to 
> be 'detained before the LORD'. Detained here is NE(:CFR. Correct me if I 
> am wrong, but this looks like the Niphal of (FCAR.
> Translations and commentaries in English vary on what this means. Some 
> suggest he was forcibly restrained (ie. some kind of imprisonment), 
> whilst others suggest that he had some kind of religious obligation that 
> was keeping him there, or perhaps he was ritually unclean so could not 
> perform whatever religious ceremony he had intended to do, so was 
> waiting for the time when he would have been considered clean again.
> Can anyone shed any light on this for me?
> Thanks
> Brian
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