[b-hebrew] Verse-splitting for DocumentaryHypothesismarkingof Torah

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Friedman himself did that in his The Bible With Sources Revealed (Harper San
Francisco, New York 2003) - print the entire Penteatuch with the various
sources color-coded. He uses different colors and fonts for each of J, E, P,
R ("redactor"), RJE, Dtn, Dtr1, Dtr2 and "Other independant texts".

Have fun with it.

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> > There\s a (late 19th century?) edition of the Pentateuch with the source
> > divisions color-coded, if I remember correctly.
> > Who can refresh my memory?
> The Sacred Books of the Old Testament: A Critical Edition of the Hebrew
> Printed in Colors, with Notes Prepared by Eminent Biblical Scholars of
> Europe and America, Leipzig-Baltimore-London 1893-1904 (the main editor
> Paul Haupt, and the work was dubbed "The Polychrome Bible"). As far as I
> know, it was never completed, and included (for the Torah) Gen Lev Num
> Another reference tool is Otto Eissfeldt's Hexateuch-Synopse, Leipzig 1922
> (2nd ed., Darmstadt 1962), but it looks rather idiosyncratic. The problem
> that there is not a commonly agreed division between the sources; when you
> go into details, different scholars have different solutions.
> Anyway, since Chris Kimball mentioned Richard Friedman, the best solution
> perhaps to make use of his The Bible with Sources Revealed, Harper, 2003,
> which I think displays an English translation with the source division
> (according to Friedman) color coded (I have not yet seen this volume; may
> others confirm?).
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