[b-hebrew] Verse-splitting for Documentary Hypothesis markingof Torah

Giuseppe Regalzi regalzi at interfree.it
Thu Jul 22 14:31:03 EDT 2004

> There\s a (late 19th century?) edition of the Pentateuch with the source
> divisions color-coded, if I remember correctly.
> Who can refresh my memory?

The Sacred Books of the Old Testament: A Critical Edition of the Hebrew Text
Printed in Colors, with Notes Prepared by Eminent Biblical Scholars of
Europe and America, Leipzig-Baltimore-London 1893-1904 (the main editor was
Paul Haupt, and the work was dubbed "The Polychrome Bible"). As far as I
know, it was never completed, and included (for the Torah) Gen Lev Num only.

Another reference tool is Otto Eissfeldt's Hexateuch-Synopse, Leipzig 1922
(2nd ed., Darmstadt 1962), but it looks rather idiosyncratic. The problem is
that there is not a commonly agreed division between the sources; when you
go into details, different scholars have different solutions.

Anyway, since Chris Kimball mentioned Richard Friedman, the best solution is
perhaps to make use of his The Bible with Sources Revealed, Harper, 2003,
which I think displays an English translation with the source division
(according to Friedman) color coded (I have not yet seen this volume; may
others confirm?).

Best wishes,

Giuseppe Regalzi, PhD
Rome, Italy
regalzi at tiscali.it

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