[b-hebrew] Me(onah in Deut. 33:27

Reinier de Blois r.de.blois at solcon.nl
Thu Jul 22 11:11:38 EDT 2004


>>> I can understand how AV got from "residence" to "refuge". Where did
"subdue" come from?

>> By reading ME(ANNEH (piel participle).

> I guessed that, but on what evidence? And how likely is it 
> that Dueteronomy would have a piece about YHWH battling ancient gods?

Your guess is as good as mine. There does not seem to be any support for
it from the versions. HALOT mentions this conjecture as a possibility
and refers to an article by Seeligmann in VT 14:87f. I have no access to
that here.

Best wishes,

Reinier de Blois

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