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> What if an exodus event took place at the end of Akhenaten's father's 
> life?
> Akhenaten had broken away by then. at least religiously, his 
> henotheistic views being well-documented before his father's death. What 
> if Psalm 104 carries echoes of the Hymn to the Aten because the 
> departing Hebrews took it with them?
> R. Brian Roberts

Unlikely, as the picture given in Exodus is that the pharaoh had his capital and main army near the land of Goshen (eastern Nile delta), not way up in Memphis or Thebes. This situation existed (as far as I know) only during the Hyksos period and Ramses II and his dynasty. Other factors make me doubt Ramses II, leaving me, by default, with the Hyksos.

Why not consider the Hymn to the Aten an echo of Psalm 104?

Karl W. Randolph.
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