[b-hebrew] weyiqtol

cmeadows3 at verizon.net cmeadows3 at verizon.net
Mon Jul 19 22:46:17 EDT 2004

Hi all,

Please forgive me if this is redundant.  I was reading Rolf Furuli's excellent paper on pragmatic and semantic factors.  I've not heard of "WEYIQTOL" as a tense before.

Using Isaiah 43:10 as an example - ..."that ye may know and BELIEVE me and understand..."  I looked this up in the archives but cannot quite put my finger on it.

I would have seen the "BELIEVE" (VeTAAMINU) as simply a hiphil imperfect with conjunctive waw.  Is every similar example of sequential yiqtols with waw conjunctive a WEYIQTOL?  Or in other words is every waw conjunctive a weyiqtol?  Thanx!

C Meadows

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