[b-hebrew] Another Question About Qadeshah

Harold R. Holmyard III hholmyard at ont.com
Sat Jul 17 18:13:32 EDT 2004

Dear Kevin,

>  I was asked by one of my students why during the time
>  of Eli was the high priestly line transferred from the
>  descendents of Eleazar to the line of Ithamar, since
>  it is obvious that the line of Eleazar continued to
>  have descendents according to 1 Chronicles 6:3-8?

HH: God transferred the priesthood from the line 
of Ithamar to the line of Eleazar, not visa 
versa. God did not make the transfer immediately 
but waited until the time of Solomon:

1Kings 2:26 ¶ To Abiathar the priest the king 
said,  "Go back to your fields in Anathoth. You 
deserve to die, but I will not put you to death 
now, because you carried the ark of the Sovereign 
LORD before my father David and shared all my 
father's hardships."
1Kings 2:27 So Solomon removed Abiathar from the 
priesthood of the LORD, fulfilling the word the 
LORD had spoken at Shiloh about the house of Eli.

HH: The genealogy in 1 Chronicles 6 contains only 
the line of Eleazar, indicating that this was the 
legitimate line.

				Harold Holmyard 

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