[b-hebrew] Eccl. 4:10

Trevor Peterson 06peterson at cua.edu
Sat Jul 17 15:04:37 EDT 2004

Dave Washburn wrote:

> Okay, exegetically that makes sense...I guess.  I'm wondering about 
> grammatically.  I haven't looked into this; anybody know of other examples 
> of )EXAD with a plural verb?

Why not follow the Masoretic pointing and pause after yippolu? That 
would make it something like, "Because if they fall, one can pick up his 
companion." Granted, if they both fall, neither one is already standing 
to pick up the other, but grammatically it works. And the sense isn't 
too bad either, since we can readily understand that maybe they don't 
both fall at the same time.

Trevor Peterson

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