[b-hebrew] Testing or teaching???

Karl Randolph kwrandolph at email.com
Sat Jul 17 01:43:37 EDT 2004

As I understand it, the term means to put to a trial, to test. It is similar but not quite the same as BXN which is used as in assaying a metal ore, or testing to evaluate quality.

I don’t see where it can mean training. Though success in a time of trial can prepare a person for greater successes.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> Dear learned members.
> Back on the NUN-SAMECH-HEH verb BUT for a different reason this time.  Is
> there really any subtle evidence within the language of hebrew or scripture
> to see that where this word is often translated as:TESTING,  PROVING it can
> really in practise be seen as TRAINING (not all the time, i remember the
> fleece for example) but I also think on Abraham's "test".  As in preparing
> the person to be able to go further, in order that he may learn another
> lesson, or receive the next set of instructions, or become able to represent
> something for future generations.

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