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On 16/07/2004 19:36, Stoney Breyer wrote:

>2) Vince reminds us that words change their meanings: May the LXX
>translations as porne in Genesis and Deuteronomy reflect an exegetical
>tradition strongly influenced by precisely such an equation of sexual
>and religious transgression? Or may they represent the LXX translators'
>best guesses from context? 

This is not impossible. But it demonstrates at least that such an 
understanding is ancient, even if it is an ancient misunderstanding.

>(And by the way, just out of curiosity, does LXX distinguish between
>zona and qedesha in these places?) 

In Gen 38, no: vv. 15, 21x2, 22 PORNH, v.24 EKPEPORNEUKEN ... PORNEIAS

Nor in Deut 23: v.18 PORNH ... PORNEUWN, v.19 PORNH ... KUWN ("dog"). 
But I notice an interesting double translation in v.18 LXX, in English 

There will not be PORNH from daughters of Israel,
and there will not be PORNEUWN from sons of Israel;
there will not be TELESFOROS from daughters of Israel,
and there will not be TELISKOMENOS from sons of Israel.

But the Hebrew text has just one clause for daughters and one for sons.

The only glosses I can find are:
TELESFOROS = being in charge, having a ritual task; person with a sacral 
duty, temple prostitute
TELISKOMENOS = sb who is initiated, an initiate
and both are used only here in LXX.

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