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I haven't seen all of them yet, but my summer house guest has a set of DVD's 
from a PBS series on the Bible.  It may be what you're thinking of.  It's 
called "Ancient Secrets of the Bible," but I didn't see one about Joshua's 
long day.  And some of us don't really appreciate the derisive tone in the 
third paragraph below.

On Friday 16 July 2004 11:50, Dora Smith wrote:
> Hey, you know what?   I bet someone on this list may know this!   After
> all, Abraham's god predates Akhenaten by a long time!
> My housemate says that between one and three years ago, there was some
> program on TV, he thinks as part of a pledge drive on PBS but not sure,
> that discussed wonders of the ancient world, and among them, the Flood, and
> Joshua's stopping of the sun at Jericho (I think that is when the sun
> stopped for a day and maybe turned backward).
> If you remember, around three to four years ago it looked as if all
> educational programming had gone Christian fundamentalist; it was full of
> "evidence" of the "truth" of stories in the Bible.   I thought surely
> Armageddon was at hand.
> Anyhow, program presented someone's work to the effect that there is
> worldwide evidence that a worldwide flood happened ON A SINGLE DAY, and
> provided some scientific explanaiton of how the sun stood still and did the
> antics it did.    My research has turned up discussions of how Cretaceous
> era rock is only a few thousand years old, and ample evidence that world
> wide flooding happened during a period of a few thousand years just before
> the dawn of recorded history.
> Anyone know of a TV program, or anything else, claiming evidence of
> worldwide flooding on a single day?
> Yours,
> Dora Smith
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> > At times it is very difficult to determine with tiny seal engravings what
> is
> > being represented. The rectangular shape under Pharaoh's throne which I
> > thought "might be" a chest could also conceivably represent legs
> constructed
> > rather like a wooden picture frame for strength, in which case the area
> > inside the frame would be open space and NOT a chest. I just recently
> > came across such an example of a portable throne for Pharaoh Akhenaten
> > and I
> have
> > added this illustration to my website, with a cautionary note. If
> interested
> > please cf. the following url and scroll down to the end of the article
> > for the update.
> >
> > http://www.bibleorigins.net/cherubthroneside.html
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