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Hey, you know what?   I bet someone on this list may know this!   After all,
Abraham's god predates Akhenaten by a long time!

My housemate says that between one and three years ago, there was some
program on TV, he thinks as part of a pledge drive on PBS but not sure, that
discussed wonders of the ancient world, and among them, the Flood, and
Joshua's stopping of the sun at Jericho (I think that is when the sun
stopped for a day and maybe turned backward).

If you remember, around three to four years ago it looked as if all
educational programming had gone Christian fundamentalist; it was full of
"evidence" of the "truth" of stories in the Bible.   I thought surely
Armageddon was at hand.

Anyhow, program presented someone's work to the effect that there is
worldwide evidence that a worldwide flood happened ON A SINGLE DAY, and
provided some scientific explanaiton of how the sun stood still and did the
antics it did.    My research has turned up discussions of how Cretaceous
era rock is only a few thousand years old, and ample evidence that world
wide flooding happened during a period of a few thousand years just before
the dawn of recorded history.

Anyone know of a TV program, or anything else, claiming evidence of
worldwide flooding on a single day?

Dora Smith
Austin, Texas
villandra at austin.rr.com
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> At times it is very difficult to determine with tiny seal engravings what
> being represented. The rectangular shape under Pharaoh's throne which I
> thought "might be" a chest could also conceivably represent legs
> rather like a wooden picture frame for strength, in which case the area
> inside the frame would be open space and NOT a chest. I just recently came
> across such an example of a portable throne for Pharaoh Akhenaten and I
> added this illustration to my website, with a cautionary note. If
> please cf. the following url and scroll down to the end of the article for
> the update.
> http://www.bibleorigins.net/cherubthroneside.html
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