[b-hebrew] Akhenaten and Hebrew religion

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Then there's the third possibility - reality.   Abraham was an Amoritic
tribal leader who ranged between Syria and Mesopotamia and Palestine nearly
a thousand years before Akhenaten, and his faith was that of the Amorites of
his time.

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> Excuse me Harold, but just how do you know when Abraham lived in relation
> Akhenaten?
> As far as the issue itself, there are two possibilities:
> 1. Abraham was a true monotheist, just like the Bible says. In this case,
> is improbable that he was influenced by Akhenaten, who was far from being
> monotheist.
> 2. Whoever the "historical" Abraham was, the biblical character of Abraham
> is mostly a creation of later Israelite/Judean writers. In this case, the
> question is, what influence did the short lived "Amarna Revolution" have
> the eventual development of monotheism in Israel/Judah. My position would
> be - none.
> Yigal

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