[b-hebrew] Another Question About Qadeshah

Medina, Vincent VMedina at cbcag.edu
Fri Jul 16 12:10:05 EDT 2004

I know that this question has been addressed thoroughly on this list for
the past few days, and I don't want to drag it out, but another question
occurs to me and I thought it might be profitable to explore it.

Is it possible that, over time, the term qadeshah became a technical
term for prostitute and, at least in some usages, lost its cultic
overtones? This is apparently what happened with the word KN(NY
"Canaanite," which in some contexts is simply a synonym for "trader" or
"merchant"-See Prov. 31:24; Zech. 14:21.

I don't know if this theory has any legs, but perhaps it's worth



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