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On 16/07/2004 13:18, Stoney Breyer wrote:

>Patrina - Thanks for your very relevant observations.
>Yes, the juxtaposition of these two verses does seem not only to
>distinguish but to associate the hierodule and the whore.
>But why are they associated? The immediately preceding verses enjoin
>protection of runaway slaves, the immediately following verses condemn
>usury and, without prejudice to YHWH's contractual dues, urge people to
>think twice before making expensive commitments to Him. The context is
>not only sexual but economic exploitation. So while, as you suggest, the
>sense of thse two verses may be "Do not prostitute your children either
>by giving them to the temple brothel or by encouraging them to
>free-lance" it could, equally, be "Do not pledge your children to temple
>service, and *especially* don't pledge them to service as prostitutes." 

Surely the point is: (v.17, English) No temple prostitution among 
Israelites; (v.18) don't even bring the earnings of prostitutes into the 
temple because that makes them effectively temple prostitutes; because 
YHWH detests temple prostitution.

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