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If this is the story I remember discussing at a sabbath service at Hillell
house one night, someone asked if Tamar wasn't guilty of sin!

Some of this is simple Israelite pragmatism.   Judaism has always been very
down to earth and very pragmatic in its morality.   In a situation where
there are no good choices or the alternatives are sin or die, one is
expected to take the course of action that causes the least actual physical
harm.   I always thought the point of the story was that Tamar made teh best
she could of a bad situation and did God's will!    The Book of Esther is
another example of this, and there is yet another example in the Book of
Ruth - where Ruth "lifts up her skirt" at the harvest festival to the man
she wants to marry.

The ancient Israelites just plain did not see female morality the way we see
it.   As long as you didn't sleep with a different man than one you
legitimately belonged to, and as long as you did the will of Man and of God,
you did right in the eyes of God.

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> >If we take the traditional view that all of Tanakh is to be counted as
context for all other parts, then Malachi 3:6 that says that God doesn’t
change also includes his condemnation of immorality. In that regard, what
Judah did with Tamar was wrong. In fact, so wrong that there was no need to
dwell on it.
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> The irony is of course that although Judah thought he was sinning he was
> in fact doing the right thing.
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