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I wish I fully understood why the ancient redactors included some of the
things they did, but I suspect the truth is in between.   The entire
deuteronomic corpus as we have it strongly supports the deuteronomic
political agenda.    That of course means that things that are NOT
consistent with the deuteronomic agenda, such as honest reports of pagan
practices, get extra weight because they must be historical reality.

Dora Smith
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> David:
> You are assuming that ancient Israel's historians would not write anything
unless they approved of them, which was the practice of much of the ancient
Levant. Others take the understanding that those historians were so
demanding of historical accuracy that they included, warts and all, failings
of the patriarchs as well as their greatnesses. The second understanding
allows accurate records to be made without assuming approval of what is
condemned elsewhere.
> If we take the traditional view that all of Tanakh is to be counted as
context for all other parts, then Malachi 3:6 that says that God doesn't
change also includes his condemnation of immorality. In that regard, what
Judah did with Tamar was wrong. In fact, so wrong that there was no need to
dwell on it.
> Karl W. Randolph.
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> > While later traditions certainly condemns the ritual prostitutes, in
Genesis 38 Judah thinks nothing too much amiss of making use of what he
thinks is a road side *kadeshah*, who is, of course, is actually is daughter
in law Tamar.  Whenever Genesis 38 was writen, the author (and audiance)
obviously did not think using the services of *kadeshah* too taboo or the
author would not have had one of the patriarchs doing so.
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