[b-hebrew] Ark of the Covenant (Iron Age Exemplar Found ?)

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It is news to me that the pharaoh wasn't seen as a god - and I've been
making quite a study of 18th and 19th dynasty pharaohs.

At the very least he was a divine sort of superhuman, greater than life, and
given his status by the gods in the divine order of things.   He existed to
serve the gods - but all of Egypt and all of the rest of the planet, and all
peoples thereon, existed to serve him - and through him, the gods of Egypt.
He trampled the foreign peoples under his feet, and that sort of thing.
HUGE foot.    On those mortuary temple walls the pharaoh's foot could
trample six people like bugs!

Dora Smith
Austin, Texas
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> Walter, you make the assertion in your article of "Pharaoh being reckoned
> a god". Was the Pharaoh seen as a god? Most current Egyptologists dispute
> this concept. What is your source for this? Thank you.
> Tony Costa
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