[b-hebrew] Kadeshah & Zonah in Genesis 32 + More

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On 15/07/2004 16:37, Dave Washburn wrote:

>On Wednesday 14 July 2004 14:22, david.kimbrough at charter.net wrote:
>>I have to disagree.
>>1) The earliest that Genesis 32 could have been written was during the
>>exodus by Moses.  This means the conversations of the Adullamite with the
>>unspecified individuals occurred hundreds of years prior, at the ealiest. 
>>It seems unlikely that Genesis 32 is a verbatim transcript of the
>No, the earliest that the form of Genesis 32 that we have could have been 
>written was then.  But there is no reason why this author, whoever one may 
>assume that s/he was, wouldn't have used written sources from at or near the 
>time of the events.  It's possible that Gen 32 is a summary or an author's 
>construct, but it's equally possible that it is in fact a "verbatim 
>transcript" that Judah's family had preserved in a family record of some 
>kind.  We don't know, and we can't really assume one way or the other without 
>emphasizing that we are in fact assuming.
Also, the story may have been preserved verbatim (or more or less so) by 
oral tradition over those several hundred years.

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