[b-hebrew] Zonah v Qadeshah & What Judah Thought

Stoney Breyer stoneyb at touchwood.net
Thu Jul 15 07:25:53 EDT 2004

From: George F. Somsel [mailto:gfsomsel at juno.com] 
I hardly think the veil served to foster the impression that Tamar was a
prostitute (of whatever sort) though it would have served to disguise
her.  Rather, I think it was the fact that she was sitting beside the
road that gave this impression.  Consider Jer. 3.2

But George, the text SAYS that the veil was the source of the
impression. It doesn't say he took her for a working girl because she
was hanging out on a street corner (though that doubtless contributed to
the impression) - it says he took her for a working girl because of what
she was wearing.

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