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The author of Genesis 32 made a clear choice of words, kadeshah instead of zonah.  The author could have used the word zonah but did not, as was done just a few verses earlier.  The choice was made with a Hebrew speaking Isrealite audiance in mind.  The linguistic background of the Adullamites and the people to whom he was enquiring of is not the point.  The audiance and author understood the meaning of the Hebrew words kadeshah and zonah and understood the choice the author made.  What did that choice reflect?  Did reflect a different assessment of the social standing of a kadeshah vs. a zonah?  Did that assessment change by the time of that 2nd Kings was writen?

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> >You are right but why was the Adullamite looking for a kadeshah if Judah had not told him to look for one? If Judah thought she was a zonah, why tell the Adullamite to look for a kadeshah?
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> Judah didn't tell the Adullamite to look for a qadesha, it was the 
> Adullamite who assumed what kind of zona she was and/or used the word 
> more familiar to the people he was speaking to. From the author's 
> perspective, Judah's sin was not idolatry but simple immorality. Anyway 
> he "slept" with Tamar by the roadside and not in a temple setting, 
> although he probably thought that she was actually a temple prostitute.
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