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The author of Genesis 32 made a clear choice of words, kadeshah vs. zonah.  The author made that choice with a Hebrew speaking audiance in mind.  Why did the author make that choice?  The people to whom the Adu

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> >You are right but why was the Adullamite looking for a kadeshah if Judah had not told him to look for one? If Judah thought she was a zonah, why tell the Adullamite to look for a kadeshah?
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> Judah didn't tell the Adullamite to look for a qadesha, it was the 
> Adullamite who assumed what kind of zona she was and/or used the word 
> more familiar to the people he was speaking to. From the author's 
> perspective, Judah's sin was not idolatry but simple immorality. Anyway 
> he "slept" with Tamar by the roadside and not in a temple setting, 
> although he probably thought that she was actually a temple prostitute.
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