[b-hebrew] Explain translation of "Asherah" as "grove" in 2Kings 23.7?

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  In both  Kuntillet Ajrud and Kh. el-Qum a pronnominal suffix is attached to what is trasliterated in English as "asherah", making the meaning clearly "his asherah". Now personal names , like Asherah can not be declined in BH.  There aqre no occurrences of "my Jacob", "your Rachel", or "his Asherah" with the pronominal suffix attached. This leads to the conclusion that Yahweh's asherah in both inscriptions refers to a magic pole or some other cultic implement rather than to a consort. This is in agreement with Peter and Harold.
  This interpetation is however disputed by many scholars who regard these two inscriptions as strong evidence for a different type of Yahweh worship.

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> Dear Peter,
> >>
> >>Asherah was the wife of Yahweh. ...
> >>
> >
> >Not in the Bible, where such a thought would be just as repugnant
> >and detestable as temple prostitution. As I understand it, this idea
> >is based on a disputable interpretation of a single inscription from
> >outside the land of Israel. Some people had strange religious ideas
> >then, as now, but you should quote as unqualified fact neither
> >everything you read on the Internet nor everything you read on
> >one-off ancient inscriptions.
> HH: I think there are a couple of such inscriptions, and Kitchen
> seemed fairly confident that such was the interpretation. But he
> agreed with Peter that this was the sort of aberrant Yahwism that a
> king like Josiah was bent on stamping out.

You are referring to the Kuntillet Ajrud and Khirbet el Qom inscriptions.




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