[b-hebrew] Explain translation of "Asherah" as "grove" in 2Kings 23.7?

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Wed Jul 14 09:56:56 EDT 2004

On 14/07/2004 14:31, Jack Kilmon wrote:

> ...
>You are referring to the Kuntillet Ajrud and Khirbet el Qom inscriptions.
Thank you, Jack. But if the picture at 
http://www.bibleorigins.net/KuntilletAjrudYahwehAsherah.html is of 
Yahweh and his wife, why are both figures so obviously male? Well, the 
second one may have breasts as well as a male organ, but is this normal 
for Asherah?

And since when is a final HE in an inscription "in Hebrew" translated as 
"his" rather than "her"?

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