[b-hebrew] Explain translation of "Asherah" as "grove" in 2 Kings 23.7?

Harold R. Holmyard III hholmyard at ont.com
Wed Jul 14 05:02:24 EDT 2004

Dear Peter,

>>Asherah was the wife of Yahweh. ...
>Not in the Bible, where such a thought would be just as repugnant 
>and detestable as temple prostitution. As I understand it, this idea 
>is based on a disputable interpretation of a single inscription from 
>outside the land of Israel. Some people had strange religious ideas 
>then, as now, but you should quote as unqualified fact neither 
>everything you read on the Internet nor everything you read on 
>one-off ancient inscriptions.

HH: I think there are a couple of such inscriptions, and Kitchen 
seemed fairly confident that such was the interpretation. But he 
agreed with Peter that this was the sort of aberrant Yahwism that a 
king like Josiah was bent on stamping out.

				    Harold Holmyard

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