[b-hebrew] Psalm 4:7 nun samech heh instead of nun shin alef

Yigal Levin leviny1 at mail.biu.ac.il
Mon Jul 12 16:35:56 EDT 2004

Perhaps its from the root NSS (Nun Samech Samech), which means "to raise a
standard" (the noun Nes means "standard/flag"). The verb usually appears in
the Hitpael, but look at Isaiah 59:19. In fact, the noun Nes usually appears
with the verb Nasa (Nun Sin Aleph), "raise a standard". SO here - "raise the
light of your face (like a standard) upon us".


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> In contrast to Numbers 6:26 where exactly the same intention is meant we
> have in Psalm 4:7 the only occurence of the word 'lift up' conveyed
> the same word that means 'to prove, examine, test. ie nun-samech-heh
> of the expected nun-shin-alef.
> Any ideas please anyone?
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