[b-hebrew] )HYH

frater three fraterthree at lycos.com
Thu Jul 8 22:18:56 EDT 2004

Dear members,

I have some questions on )HYH (Exodus 3:14):
1) Are the vowels of )HYH: Segol, Shewa, Segol? Are those vowels the oldest known for )HYH? Are there any other variants of vowels assigned to )HYH? Is there any difference in duration between the first Segol and the second one? 
2)I'm interested in the chanted version of )HYH. Does anyone know how to chant it? Is the first Segol more prolonged than the second one like E-E-He-YeH? Does anybody know the musical tone for each syllable? 

Thanks in advance for any answers,

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