[b-hebrew] How many warriors?

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On 07/07/2004 12:09, wattswestmaas wrote:

>Dear All,
>This is probably an un-answerable question, nevertheless I am sure that
>there must be plenty of other un-related sources that may contribute to a
>reasonable guess at the following.
>How many fighters do you think Amalek had during the battle with Yoshuah?
>The motivation for this question is to attempt to understand his blatant
>audacity at even thinking he could somehow gain from this confrontation.  I
>know that earlier he was nit-picking at the weaker back sections but this
>would not explain his belief that he could take on a huge force and I am
>only guessing at what Yoshua could have mustered maybe 25 000?? even more?
Are you asking about the battle in Exodus 17:8-13? I won't try to answer 
the numbers question. But it may be useful to know that the traditional 
site, Rephidim (Wadi Feiran), is in a narrow valley with very steep 
sides. See my photo at 
taken from what may well have been the spot where Moses watched the 
battle, or at least the traditional location as there were Christian 
ruins on the small hill. This valley was the only practical route to 
Sinai, and so the Israelites had to take on the Amalekites who were 
occupying it.

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