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Walter R. Mattfeld mattfeld12 at charter.net
Tue Jul 6 09:26:22 EDT 2004

Yigal is quite right about the absence of the name "Amalek" in Ancient Near
Eastern sources, outside of the Hebrew Bible, of the Iron II period (ca. the
9th-6th century BCE) or earlier.

My own research has, however, noted some _possible_ "remnants" of the name
in geographical landforms and sites on maps of the Negev.

Musil's map (cf. Alois Musil. _Karte von Arabia Petraea_. Vienna, Austria.
1907. Scale: 1:300,000) has the following (note his spellings differ from
modern renderings) :

1) A region called Rmejlet el-M'allaka SW of Bir es-Seba (modern Beersheba)
and N of el-Halasa/Khalasa, and E of ard es-Sini

2) Ma'el -Mallaka near Wadi el-Mallaka, on the SW side of Rmejlet

3) A town called Malek, W of Tell al-Fare (Modern Tell Farah)

Regards, Walter

Walter Reinhold Warttig Mattfeld y de la Torre, MA Ed.

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