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Hallo Harold,

while I would not accept the judgement of Kitchen on the whole (the Midianites/Kushites where dwelling among the Edomites as we well know - so he might err in the fine detail) I am interested about the context of the statement.

Habakuk is exactly one of the sources to identify Midian with Kush/Kushan.

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Bánai Michael

> Dear MIchael and Yigal,
> This is somewhat out of my realm, but it seems I 
> may have just read Kenneth Kitchen saying that 
> Kushu was an Egyptian name for the Edomites, a 
> name reflected in the Bible as Kushan:
> Hab. 3:7 I saw the tents of Cushan in distress, 
> the dwellings of Midian in anguish.
> 					Yours,
> 					Harold Holmyard
> >I have not published any part of the paper yet. 
> >Checking the whole data down to the last point 
> >is an immensely painfull work, since this is a 
> >panorama of the history over literally the whole 
> >ANE.
> >
> >I give you right concerning the arabic mentions 
> >of Amalek, they can be followed down to the 
> >Koranic mentions. Mohammed should have had much 
> >to deal with the Amalekites turned to 
> >Jewishness, which he later expelled out of Mekka 
> >and Medinah toward Syria. We of course have no 
> >older mention of them in arabic literature, 
> >since this is the very oldest existing.
> >
> >However we can link these mentions with the ones 
> >in the roman and greek sources (for example 
> >Claudius Ptolemeus) pertaining to the same 
> >geographic region and slowly make thus the link 
> >to the Assyrian, and Biblical ones. It appears 
> >they were known to the Assyrians as the Meluhha, 
> >while at the same time known as the Amalek to 
> >the biblical writers.
> >
> >I´ll take your papers under sight. Of course you 
> >are right that the biblical Cush here has to be 
> >understood as the babylonian Kish. I place here 
> >no doubt. I however beleave there could be a 
> >link between the babylonian Kish, first seat of 
> >an all babylonian kingdom, and these widely 
> >dispersed semitic kusithes all around the 
> >fringes of this fabulous kingdom. THIS is of 
> >course just a supposition, while the Kish=Cush 
> >equation is certain.
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