[b-hebrew] Ayin Dalet with suffixes.

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Hi Chris,

I think you have the idea.  See a couple comments below.

> Would you then translate Numbers 24:20 in the sense of :'amalek is moviing
> himself towrds his ultimately final end of anihalation'?

I don't know about "moving himself"; rather I think the idea is that Israel
will destroy Amelek.  I think the NIV has the translation right:  "...he
will come to ruin at last."  I think I might translate it myself "its end
will be utter ruin."  I say *utter* ruin because of `adey.  Amelek will
arrive at its end, which is ruin.  It cannot be any more ruined; its ruin it

> Would you then translate Micah 4:8 (referring to Migadal-Eder) in the
> of 'the first kingdom is on its way to you and You are that point at which
> it will culminate'?

I think that's right.  Notice that (fDeyKf T")teH or `adeyka te'teh is
parallel and basically synonomous with UBf)fH , that is uba'ah.


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