[b-hebrew] 'Prophesying' 1 Samuel 18:10

Brian & Laureen Powell PowellBrian at omf.net
Sun Jul 4 22:51:48 EDT 2004

Hi folks,
Another question from 1 Samuel.
In verse 10 of chapter 18, the Hebrew says that Saul was 'prophesying' 
in his house. What exactly does this means in this situation?

We have already been told in 1 Samuel 16:14 that the Spirit of God had 
already left Saul, and yet the Spirit of God is generally considered to 
be a necessary pre-requisite for a prophet in the Hebrew scriptures.

Most of the more literal translations of this passage in English use the 
word 'prophesying', but three of the more 'dynamic' translations [Good 
News, New Living & Contemporary English] use a phrase like 'raving like 
a madman'. Is there good justification for this, or is it a case of 
trying to force an acceptable translation based on theological 
presuppositions that someone without the Spirit of God couldn't prophesy?


Brian Powell

Bible Translator

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