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  To amplify a bit: YMN means south, cf. the country Yemen in the south of the Arabian peninsula, Teiman in Heb.

  The group receiving  that name, the Benyaminites, must have gotten it because they were southermost in a federation, cf. the same appellation in Mesopotamia (and that in contradistinction there with beni Shamal, the Northerners. This term means 'north' in Arabic, and 'left' in Heb.).   

  Later,  Saul, David and Solomon united this northern federation, or most of it, with what were known as the Judeans. Thus after the united kingdom split, the political sitaution reverted to the ancient configuration, though of course under totally different material and social circumstances.


agree that YAMIN can mean "south", but it can also mean "right hand" - 
and that is not just evangelical derivation from Gen 35:18, it is the 
basic meaning given by BDB. As for why this particular tribe or tribal 
ancestor was called this, we really have no idea, except that Gen 35:18 
might offer a clue. Probably not because he was right-handed, but the 
name can still mean "right-handed" - just as your name means "farmer" 
although you were probably not given it because you are a farmer.

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