[b-hebrew] Re: Compound Words in Hebrew

Lira rosangelalira at terra.com.br
Fri Jul 2 11:32:31 EDT 2004


As far as I know, tamid is used in the Bible not only for the burnt
offerings, but for all the continual rituals of the sanctuary. It refers,
for instance, to the "continual burnt-offering" (Ex. 29:42) and to the
"perpetual incense" (Ex. 30:8). However, it also refers to something which
was not renewed every morning and evening, and not even daily, but weekly,
as is the case of the "continual bread"  (Num. 4:7). That's why I can't see
tamid and ereb-boqer as synonymous.
In the case of the regular burnt-offering, it is in fact often referred to
as the burnt offering of the morning and the evening. But, in this case, the
order is always morning-evening and not evening-morning.


Rosangela Lira

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