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The Hebrew word in Daniel 8:11 which was translated "daily sacrifice" in KJV 
and NIV and "regular burnt offering"in NRS is TAMID. Does TAMID cover only 
the morning-evening in the earthly sanctuary, or the evening-morning ? I 
understand TAMID to mean the round-the-clock service in the sanctuary, both 
morning-evening and evening-morning. I also understand that EREB-BOQUER in 
Daniel 8:14 refers to the same TAMID which was taken away by the little horn 
and is restored after 2300 TAMIDS - or SANCTUARY DAYS which includes the 
regular morning and evening lambs, the regular lamp burning at night, and 
everything else that happened in the Sanctuary service - the TAMID. If you 
do a search on the word TAMID in the BHS you will see that TAMID covers 
every aspect of the sanctuary service- the CONTINUAL or ROUND THE CLOCK.

As all translations are interpretations, the fact that the Septuagint and 
the Theodotion translators translated EREB-BOQUER as "DAYS" is interesting 
to note, but of little value when one attempts to understand the meaning of 
the original text.



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All sanctuary procedures were spoken of as "morning-evening". The sole 
exception, which you pointed out, was the lighting of the lampstands, which 
were lit on a sunset to sunrise ("evening-morning") basis. Doing so would 
ensure that the oil would last throughout the dark hours. However, the 
continual burnt offering is never spoken of as "evening-morning", but as 
"morning-evening" (see Exodus 29:39; Leviticus 6:12-13; Num 28:4; 2 Kgs 
16:15; 1 Chron 16:40; 23:30; 2 Chron 2:4; 13:11; 31:3; Ezra 3:3).

As to the Septuagint and the Theodotion translations, of course the word 
"days" was supplied. My point was that the translators evidently interpreted 
the phrase as meaning "days", not "sacrifices".



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