[b-hebrew] Shield-bearer 1 Samuel 17:41

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I have heard Finkelstein make that claim - that Goliath, armor and all, is
modeled on Greek hoplite mercenaries that the 7th century (or later) that
the writer might have been familiar with. Could be. On the other hand, what
do we know of 10th century Philistine tactics?


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> Dear Brian,
>    I Sam. 17:41 clearly reflects Hellenistic hoplight military tactics, in
> which a shield-bearer was standard.  The description of Goliath's weaponry
> also consistent with such an interpretation.  Please see any standard work
> the Hellenistic armies.
> Best regards,
> Russell Gmirkin
> > My confusion is based on how it could have worked that two of them would
> > be approaching David. I understand the idea of an armour-bearer to carry
> > weapons etc. for a warrior, but surely when he is actually going to
> > battle the armour-bearer then gives the armour to the warrior.
> >
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