[b-hebrew] Shield-bearer 1 Samuel 17:41

RGmyrken at aol.com RGmyrken at aol.com
Thu Jul 1 22:38:03 EDT 2004

Dear Brian,

   I Sam. 17:41 clearly reflects Hellenistic hoplight military tactics, in 
which a shield-bearer was standard.  The description of Goliath's weaponry is 
also consistent with such an interpretation.  Please see any standard work on 
the Hellenistic armies.

Best regards,
Russell Gmirkin

> My confusion is based on how it could have worked that two of them would 
> be approaching David. I understand the idea of an armour-bearer to carry 
> weapons etc. for a warrior, but surely when he is actually going to 
> battle the armour-bearer then gives the armour to the warrior.

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