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On 29/01/2004 20:33, Michael Abernathy wrote:

>I hope this is not too far off topic. I am doing some research on Exodus and I would like to know whether Umberto Cassuto's commentary on Exodus is considered dated?
It is given two stars in the SIL publication "A Directory of Exegetical 
Aids for Bible Translators", Compiled by Anthony G. Pope and R. Vernon 
Ritter, 2001 revised edition - one of only two technical commentaries on 
Exodus so rated. There is a note "Conservative; helpful exegesis; treats 
as a unified whole." Note that "treats as a unified whole" is important 
for translators who have to work with the text before them, whatever 
their view of the original sources; commentaries which discuss only 
reconstruction of sources are not much use for translators.

The other two star technical commentary is Durham in the Word series. 
Sarna's JPS commentary also has two stars but in the less technical 

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