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Though Cassuto did not accept the Documentary Hypothesis, he was by all
means a critical scholar. In his book)let) "The Documantary Hypothesis"
(Hebrew) he suggested an alternative theory , Tradition Criticism. Moreover,
he admitted that Deuteronomy was not of the same cloth as the rest of the
Therefore, for the conservative (meaning Orthodox) Jewish scholar, his work
is unacceptable. The preferred modern Bible commentary among Orthodox Jewish
scholars today is the Da'at Miqra series (Hebrew), published in Jerusalem by
Mosad Harav Kook. There's also the Artscroll Commentary Series, but Da'at
Miqra is preferable as a traditional commentary, in my opinion.

Cassuto's commentary is still useful, though biblical scholarship and
Semitic philology have moved on since his days. Something like Driver's CB
commentary on Exodus, but in another vein, of course. His approach towards
the ways the laws are arranged - often by association - is an orignal
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I hope this is not too far off topic. I am doing some research on Exodus and
I would like to know whether Umberto Cassuto's commentary on Exodus is
considered dated?

How well is his work accepted by conservative Jews?

Thank you in advance for you help.
Michael Abernathy
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