[b-hebrew] Yam Suph "Reed" Sea ?

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Actually, Shoshanna, I have read several articles suggesting that the Yam
Suph is a mythical metaphore for death, and the Israelites' rescue a kind of
re-birth, reflected in the cosmic struggle between YHWH/Baal and Yamm.
Unfortunately, I don't have the reference, but it was probably in JBL, VT,
JSOT or some such journal from about 3 years ago.


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> Has anyone considered the relationship of the word "suf" - what you
> translate as "reed", to the word "sof" - "end" - as:  The sea was at
> the "end" of Egypt.  Without looking in the ORAL Torah, I cannot
> imagine that no one commented on that.
> Shoshanna
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> To try and bring this back to a b-hebrewish topic, it seems to me that one
> the questions we need to be asking is: was "suph" a technical name for a
> particular kind of reed with a distinctive shape, size and growing
> or perhaps a more general term for visible aquatic plants, whether
> or saltwater?  Has anybody looked into this?
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