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Elohim is used in a variety of situations.  It is the plural of eloa, or
God.  However it is generally understood to be the "majestic plural", rather
the way the queen of England might say "We find our country most beautiful".
That does not mean that there are many queens or she suffers from multiple
personalities but rather she is too important to be referred to in the

Elohim is also used to refer to "foreign" or "false" gods, i.e. gods other
than Yahweh.  When Saul uses a medium to call up the spirit of Samuel, the
medium says she sees "gods" (elohim) ascending out of the earth, i.e.
Samuel's spirit raising from Sheol.

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Have you ever heard of Elohim being defined as more than two, but less
than four, being the basis for the Triune God?
allen green

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